Medical Transcription Services

Our Medical Transcription Service is designed to improve and support the way you work. 

HIPAA compliant services from AccuScribe, Inc allow specialty clinics and group practices to maintain accurate transcription for all types of reports.  We work closely with all clients to ensure the most professional service, making AccuScribe, Inc the Medical Transcription service for you.

AccuScribe Benefits

Personal service
• Accurate transcripts
• Fast turnaround
• STAT service when necessary
• Reports customized to clients specifications
• Competitive pricing
• Stable and uninterrupted service
• Long-term documentation archiving available

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Transcription Services

Insurance Transcription

AccuScribe, Inc.

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Business Transcription

Medical Transcription Services - Legal Transcription - Institutional Transcription - Insurance Transcription - ​Business Transcription

Business Transcription includes all communication within the business including board meetings, focus groups, discussions, annual meetings, conferences, interviews, presentations, webcasts, teleconferences and many more.  Business voice to text conversion services are available for clients across many industries.

Legal Transcription

Free Support

Institutional Transcription


AccuScribe, Inc understands that sending legal, audio or voice files involves significant trust on your part. We make it a high priority to ensure the security and confidentiality of the data you provide to us. We offer voice to text conversion services to lawyers, prosecutors, attorneys, law firms, paralegals and other legal groups.

Institutional Transcription for the classroom or seminar lectures.  Make the most of your teaching and improve content retention by giving your students a transcript of your daily lessons or their online video classes.  Our transcription service will allow professors, teachers and lecturers to have their sessions, seminars, lectures, discussions, meetings, interviews and presentations converted from voice to transcript.   The transcribed data can be gathered and used as student assignments, notes, blog posts, downloadable pdfs for posting for e-learning and other aspects and will allow you to focus more on the classroom and be more interactive rather than relying on your notes.

Insurance Transcript Services:  Our voice to text translation services include Independent Medical Evaluations, accident reports, claims summary, statements of parties involved, recorded interviews, investigation notes and reports, meetings & conferences.